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» NAME: Vivian Volkoff
» FANDOM: Chuck

» CANON POINT: Post "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff" (season 4, episode 20)
» AGE: 27 (Not stated in canon, just an estimation. If it’s revealed in canon, I will change it)
» GENDER: Female
» COLLAR: A thin, silver collar with no markings on it.

» YES: Biting, light bondage, begging. (I'm open to most things, so just ask)
» MAYBE: Bloodplay, heavy bondage.
» NO: Abuse, gun-play, breath-play, gore, violence, watersports, rape, dub-con, non-con.

» APPEARANCE: Vivian is a tall, striking young woman with chin length brown hair and green eyes. Her figure is slightly hour-glass, curves in all the right places, but she's also toned and fit. The make-up she wears compliments her warm skin tone and eyes, enhancing her features. Vivian is elegant, well-presented and dressed for the occasion. She is usually found in professional yet stylish attire; business suits mainly, but if she was going to a dinner party, she would dress appropriately.
» PERSONALITY: When we first meet Vivian, she was a sweet, friendly and warm young woman who was unaware of what her father truly was. Sheltered and hidden for all of her life, Vivian had no clear path or any plans for what she wanted to do. After the CIA had come into contact with her, things changed for Vivian and she was thrust into a world that was entirely different to what she was used to.

Unknown to her, Vivian's father had been grooming her to take over his corporation. By the age of seven she was a skilled skeet shooter and marksman; by age thirteen, Vivian had a black belt. After graduating from the London school of economics she was fluent in five languages. Vivian had thought nothing much of this until she encountered a man named Boris Kaminsky who was seeking the key to her father's account. Pulling a gun on Vivian, he told her that her father had a set path for her in life to become his successor but he calls her a weak, indecisive girl. This angered Vivian, prompting her to pull out a shotgun she had hidden on her horse (Artemis) to kill Kaminsky at point blank range.

Her relationship with Chuck reveals a lot of interesting things about Vivian. After he tells her that he will help her to take control of her life, she puts a lot of trust within him and counts him as close friend. Vivian trusts him enough so that decides to volunteer herself as bait so that they capture Kaminsky and stop him from trying to get the key. When Vivian meets Mr. Riley, (her father's lawyer) he reads a letter from her father trying to encourage her to take over his business. Vivian refuses and immediately goes back to Chuck and the rest of the team to inform them.

They share a common bond as they both had absentee fathers and were both brought into circumstances that they couldn't control. Chuck tells her that it took a while but he adjusted to his life as working for the CIA and hopefully Vivian would be able to find that too. He is the one who convinces her to help the team go into her father's account in the bank, saying that she may be able to find out answers about her father and learn the truth about him.

Vivian is not above being deceitful or lying though. Her father had given her a necklace when she was a child and she wore it constantly, unaware that it was the key that Kaminsky had been looking for. After Kaminsky confronted her, it made Vivian think and she suspected that her necklace was indeed the key. When Chuck and the rest of the team asked her if Kaminsky had given her any clues, Vivian denied it and didn't tell them about her suspicions. It is obvious that she didn't want them to know, choosing to investigate for herself. Vivian goes back to her father's office in Moscow and using her necklace, she opens a secret part of the room, revealing a bank account card. The same card that she takes to the CIA after Mr Riley had threatened her.

When the team ask Vivian to act more like her father for the mission in the bank, Vivian accepts this and rises to the challenge, showing her ability to adapt to a situation, even if it was just for a short time. She successfully gains access to her father's account and discovers that he had placed pictures and newspaper clippings of her achievements. The team think that they hit a dead end but Chuck ‘flashed’ on the servers and they have to take them down. Vivian decides that she wants more answers from her father so in exchange for her help in using her as an asset to infiltrate the bank, Chuck promises Vivian that he'll set up a meeting with her father so that she can talk to him.

Once they arrive and Vivian hacks the servers, Mr. Riley meets her again, telling her that the CIA have been lying to her and just using her to achieve their goals. He also tells Vivian that she'll never get to see her father and that Chuck was just pretending to be her friend and sympathize with her. Vivian doesn't believe him, but he gives her his card saying that if she wants to learn the truth about her father, then she should call him. She meets up with the team outside again and go back to the headquarters and Chuck has to break the news that Vivian would be unable to meet her father. She's hurt and confused, her belief in Chuck shattered. This sets Vivian on a different path entirely and we see her with Mr Riley again as she leaves to find out about her father, ignoring Chuck's calls.

Vivian becomes more and more like her father throughout her episodes. After Chuck screws up the first time they go to the bank, Vivian assumes a different role and slaps him on the face before pulling a gun out on him, accusing Chuck of stealing. She informs the bank manager that she will deal with him on her terms, outside of the bank. At that time, it was merely a ruse to get Chuck and herself out of the bank without alerting any suspicion that they were on a CIA mission. However, after her trust in Chuck is destroyed, she hires a man to infiltrate the headquarters and blow them up to take revenge against Chuck for lying to her. Something that her father would certainly do.

In her next appearance, the CIA set up a meeting between Vivian and the team because Chuck believes that she is innocent. As a gesture of good faith, she presents them a weapon from her father's company but Vivian doesn't say what it is. She also tells the team that she wasn't responsible for the bomb but this is a lie. After being fired upon by snipers, Vivian believes that it was a set up from the CIA and accuses them of tricking her. When Chuck tries to explain that it isn't them, she refuses to believe them and gets back into her car with her bodyguards, driving away.

Unknown to the team, Vivian had been keeping in contact with her father when he was aiding the team in tracking down the other components for the weapon. When they arrive in the place where the final component is, Vivian arrives to get it, needing her father's DNA for access. Chuck discovers that the everything had been a set up from the beginning, using the CIA to get the weapon components along with her father. It seems that Vivian is doing what they did to her; using them to get what she wants.

Her father tells Vivian that he is proud of her and how sorry he was for being absent in her life. She responds by telling him there will be plenty of time for them to catch up. Vivian grabs the final, most important component, instructing her guards to set plasma grenades that he would be unable to disable. Her father tries to reason with her but she refuses to listen, telling him that he told her to trust no one and that he wasn't her father, but a stranger. Chuck also tries to reason with Vivian but she cuts back saying that he doesn't know who she is and that both he and her father had lied to her, betrayed her and shattered her life.

Once again, her father tries to appeal to her sentimental side, telling her about the pictures and the necklace, showing that he cared for her. Vivian retorts by saying that they're tokens from a stranger and that she doesn't know her father and never will before she leaves them to die. In her last scene, Vivian is talking to someone on the phone, telling them to rebuild the weapon as soon as possible. Vivian also reveals that she wants to track down Agent X, a person who instilled fear into her father. She wants to kill them so that no one will touch her. It seems that Vivian has become just as ruthless and cruel as her father, needing to survive, no matter what the consequences were to other people.

» BACKGROUND: Refer to the personality section above.

» OOC JOURNAL: [ profile] fresleyforever
» AIM: totaldeangirl

Date: 2013-04-06 02:10 am (UTC)
unrelentingly: <user name=foxlike>, dns (The Impossible is Possible)
From: [personal profile] unrelentingly
You don't have an HMD and I always feel odd PMing people things like this so feel free to screen this! Don't feel obligated to reply or acknowledge it in any way either, sometimes I just like to get these things out.

Let me just preface this by saying I know absolutely nothing about Vivian's canon so I unfortunately cannot throw about praise about how IC you are with her but I can definitely say that her voice is consistent through the threads we've done and the ones I've read of her with others. I've really enjoyed playing off her and I've had fun seeing the way she interacts with others. I enjoy your writing style and creativity and I'm really glad to see we manage to bounce off each other nicely. It makes for a really great experience overall.

Basically, I think you're doing a great job with her and I really look forward to threading more with her and Hawke in the future.


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