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Dear Barney,

It's been a while since we last spoke. At that time, I hoped that it wouldn't be the last but I understand why you mightn't have wished to speak to me ever again. So I'm writing this letter because I figured you probably wouldn't want to see me in person.

I'm sorry.

What I did to you was wrong and I can never apologise enough. You were one of the first friends I made here when I arrived in the castle and you always knew how to pick me up when I needed it. Be it through a drink, a joke or even one of your magic tricks. I know you told me to never let it out that you're sweet and kind but it's true: you're one of the loveliest people here and I wanted to let you know that.

The friendship that we had meant a lot to me and it's not something that I want to lose while I'm here. I understand that you mightn't wish for it to continue but I felt in my heart that I needed to write this letter to you because I want you to know how I feel and how much I regret what I did.

If you did read this all the way through then I'm grateful, even if you don't want us to be friends anymore, I wish you the very best.

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